It was during a mountain tour in 2017 when the idea was born to develop mountain and outdoor wear that focuses on what is really needed: functionality and long-lasting reliability in line with a strong commitment to the environment.

In 2018, after more than a year of design development and material research, we successfully launched our first product – The ASCENTEC ONE Jacket. With passion, meticulous detail and fueled by our constant search for new solutions we create products that are characterized by timeless design, best workmanship and premium materials. For us, high-level performance and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. When selecting materials, we pay attention to both their performance characteristics and their environmental compatibility.

Curiosity, passion and our continuous drive to improve and break new ground shape the development of our products, which address the needs of those who explore and face the elements. We emphasize function, timeless designs and the use of high-quality materials to ensure a long-lasting performance and use of our products.

Our designers develop and test new products together with experienced mountaineers whose direct feedback shapes our products and their functionality. This and the close collaboration with our suppliers and manufacturers foster the creation of high performing products.

Quality rather than mass production characterizes our products and their making. We manufacture our products mainly in medium-sized companies which are specialized in precision manufacturing of mountain and outdoor wear. Our products are manufactured using advanced technologies and the highest standards of workmanship. But despite technological progress, the manufacturing of our products involves many skilled hands. We want to deliver the best possible quality. Therefore each product must pass through a final quality control inspection before packaging.

Sustainability is in our DNA. Not only because the term and first concept of "sustainability" were coined in our region more than 300 years ago, but above all because as mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts we are aware of the need to protect the environment. This is reflected in the design and construction of our products. This starts with the development of our patterns. Advanced 3D pattern making technologies ensure an efficient use of materials, which saves resources.

bluesign®-certified materials guarantee the adherence to the highest environmental standards which includes their entire manufacturing process. In addition to our focus on environmental friendly materials, we strive to build products that last. In fact, we believe that building long-lasting products is the single most important key to reducing our impact. Timeless designs and durable materials are at the core of building gear that is meant to be used year after year.