Product Care

How do care for my ASCENTEC ONE Performance Alpine Jacket?

The ASCENTEC ONE is an easy-care jacket. Wash the jacket separately at 30 °C on a gentle wash cycle with a small amount of non-biological laundry detergent. Do not use fabric softeners. After the washing cycle has finished, run an additional rinse cycle.

To fully reactivate the 'loft' of the PrimaLoft® ThermoPlume® insultation, it is important to tumble dry the jacket on a low heat. Inserting drier balls or tennis balls in the drier will further help to bring the insulation back in shape. As soon as the jacket begins to dry, it will start to 'loft' again. During the drying process the jacket can be gently shaken a few times to redistribute the insulation.

In order to maintain the 'loft' of the PrimaLoft® ThermoPlume® insulation, we recommend to keep your ASCENTEC ONE loose and not stuffed in the stuff bag.

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